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Paycor HR Software Review: Is It The Best HR Software For Your Business?

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We Really Liked:

  • The Paycor HR software has multiple features on its website for both HR services and Human Capital Management (HCM).
  • The software is best known for being able to handle all sorts of payments for your business, including child support, benefits, managing garnishments, tax deductions etc. 
  • ACA reporting and automated time tracking are features that come with Paycor’s integrated HR support.
  • Larger companies can benefit from Paycor’s HCM tools as they include taxes, hiring, automated onboarding, recruiting, online signatures, employment agreements etc. 

Best For:

  • The Mid-Market tier plan and add on features can be slightly expensive for smaller businesses. This is why the Paycor HR software is best for businesses with bigger funds who have over 50 employees working for them. 

Things to Watch Out For:

  • Advanced features on this software come with a heavy price tag, which is why smaller businesses or startups with a budget may not find Paycor to be a suitable option. 
  • Customer Support hours are limited. 


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Paycor Overview

If your HR team generally spends most of their time on repetitive administrative duties, it might not be such a bad idea to invest in a Paycor HR software. Every manual task is automated using this software, making HR duties effortless and faster. 

What’s more, there are no additional costs required for using paper and filing documents. The software allows you to store all of the employee plus company information in one single location, eliminating the aggravating task of having to jump from screen to screen. 

Although the HR tools are not available in the basic plan, if paid, you can benefit from a wide range of tools to be used for HR solutions. These include learning management, engagement surveys, scheduling, time tracking, etc. 

Paycor Features

Paycor covers all its bases for HR support with its cutting-edge features. There is a long list of features that businesses can benefit from by choosing one of the two plans from Paycor’s website. Add ons will also open doors to enhanced HR service tools like Recruiting and Applicant Tracking, Time Tracking, Benefits administration etc. 

If you are looking for some core HR tools to grow your business, then look no further because Paycor has got your back! It can help you out with tasks related to compensation, creating employee profiles, promoting employee engagement, org charts, compliance etc. 

So, here’s a list of some of the essential features of the Paycor HR tool, and a slight description about ‘how’ they might be able to help your business grow – 


If HR support for payroll is what your business is looking for, Paycor is the software you should be investing in. The basic functions of the Paycor plans include HR support for processing payroll and filing taxes. 

The feature also deals with worker’s compensation, W-2 and 1099 reporting, garnishment deductions and benefits. What’s more is that the payroll feature allows multiple payment options, letting you pay via pay cards, deposits, and paper checks. Not to mention, Paycor also provides services for check stuffing. 

Paycor allows you to customize your own pay grid and stubs as per your convenience, but with extra price add ons, you will be able to unlock a whole new set of tools to get your HR issues sorted. 


Handling work shifts of your workers can be a difficult task at hand, especially if you have other businesses to take care of. Paycor’s Employee Scheduling feature makes this process of managing work shifts a lot easier for business owners and administrators. 

The feature lets you share your work schedules, create or edit work schedules, manage swap shifts, availability of workers etc. without having to manually do anything. You can also be in control of resting hours and add more rules to streamline the workload of handling work shifts manually. 

Tracking Time

If your business requires you to pay your employees by the hour, then this feature on the Paycor software can come in handy for you. 

The Time Tracker enables employers to keep track of their workers' work schedules by providing them with time clocks. These clocks help to manage employee working hours as the workers clock-in and clock-out of their work with the help of the app. 

Using the Paycor app, managers or administrators with mobile phones can also track the location of their employees during working hours through the geolocation tracking feature. 

The feature also keeps track of overtime hours, PTO requests and compliance restrictions. 

Talent Development

Looking for a way to motivate or engage your employees? Use the talent development feature from Paycor’s HR software to help your employees’ progress in their work field. 

Making use of the software eliminates having to deal with performance management and one-on-one sessions manually. The automated process of motivating workers is a lot faster and efficient than having to do it in person. 

You can also keep track of your company objectives and goals under different units of your business! 

Hiring & Onboarding

Recruiting and onboarding can consume quite a bit of your valuable working hours. So why not delegate this task to an expert HR software like Paycor? 

Paycor HR software can take over your tasks of hiring and onboarding in an organized and effective way. The recruitment tool can deal with minimal yet time consuming jobs like sending out offer letters, notifying potential candidates, using remote hiring tools and also create e-signatures on documents stored in the software. 

Instead of carrying out the entire onboarding process for hours sitting in an office conference space, the automated process for onboarding is a lot easier for new recruits in the company. It also leaves a good impression on them as they themselves can use the software to fill out forms related to tax info and personal documents. 

Employees can use the onboarding tool from whichever device they are on, as long as they have access to a stable internet connection. 

Comparing to Competitors

In terms of payroll and tax filing, there is no better software than Paycor. Although the software is slightly expensive for smaller businesses, medium to large businesses can definitely benefit from using their Mid-market tier plan and add on features. The extensive variety of HR solution tools that Paycor has to offer to its consumers is like no other software app out there. 

As for the user interface, the navigation is great and comes with an organized dashboard, unlike most other software which generally have clumsy landing pages that get even more confusing by the minute. 

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Top 3 Payroll Services

Our Score
  • 1 month free trial
  • Trusted by over 200,000 businesses
  • All-in-one payroll and HR solution
  • Best for small businesses
  • “Autopilot” runs payroll itself
  • 6 months free with signup
  • Trusted by 850,000+ businesses
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Also offer HR and benefits management
  • 3 months FREE with signup
  • Trusted by 700,000 companies
  • Over 45 years of experience
  • All-in-one platform



Small Business Plan & Mid-Market tier

Paycor’s pricing plan is pretty simple. It is mainly centered upon the number of employees you have working under you. At first, you get to choose from two separate plans, the Small Business Plan and the Mid-Market tier plan, based on how big or small your company is.

Up next, you get to select the number of features you want in your software. The Small Business Plan is suitable for a maximum of 39 employees, while the Mid-Market tier plan is compatible with more than 1000 employees, beginning from a mere 40. 

Moreover, the Mid-Market tier plan has a custom price tag on it. This is because the rate being charged will depend on the size of your workforce, along with the number of features you want for your Paycor HR software. 

Small Business Plan – Basic, Essential & Complete

For the Small Business Plan, you will notice three more packages or bundles with different price labels starting from $99 a month. The Basic bundle type starts at $99 with two straightforward features, which includes Payroll services, tax filing, check stuffing and having access to the mobile app. 

The Essential plan starts at $149 a month and comprises of the following features – PTO requests and approvals, Payroll, Tax Filing, Check Stuffing, Compliance Checklists and Templates, and Mobile App access (all in line and updated according to the rules and regulations of the APA). 

On the other hand, the Complete bundle type starts at $199 and consists of all the features mentioned above and more. However, if you are opting for the small business plan, you will have to pay an additional charge for integrating the HR software, which comes for free with the Mid-Market Tier plan. 

Add on Prices

For advanced features like Recruiting and Applicant Tracking, you will have to pay an additional cost of $399, and more $99 for Administration benefits. Talent Development and Compensation Planning costs $49 per month, while the onboarding process requires $59 monthly. 

You can also avail the HR software for $49, Time Tracking for $39, Wage Garnishments for $29, Scheduling for $19 and a Learning Management System for $3 per month. 

Free Plan

Luckily, Paycor offers a one-month free plan for its users. You can choose the plan which is most suitable for you and your business from the Paycor website to get started. 

They also offer exclusive deals if you decide to get one of their plans, which will consist of a month-long free payroll service along with a discount on the bundle setup fee. 

Ease of Use

As mentioned above, Paycor’s navigation process is fairly easy. It should only take two or three trial videos for employees, as well as their employers to get a hang of the app. If you have gotten to know about the software only recently and are looking for guidance to set it up, here are a few steps that you can follow:

  • Head to the finding solution page and give answers to the multiple choice questions on the page (3 pages).
  • Next up, fill up the form with your personal information to see the recommended plan suggested by Paycor. 
  • Based on the number of employees you have working under you, select the plan that seems most profitable to you and your business. 
  • At this step, you will have to provide information regarding your bank information, number of employees, your business email address etc. 
  • For the next step, you will have to fill up more details regarding your payroll and taxing information. 
  • Once you are done with that, you are all set to start using the software after inputting all of your employee plus company data. 

Even though the setup is easy to get done with, by any chance if you face any trouble while doing it, you can seek Paycor’s customer service. Since the customer support hours are limited, try getting in contact with them within the allotted time for quicker resolution.

Paycor On Mobile

If you own an Android, iOS smartphone or a tablet, you can download the Paycor app and use a handful of the features available on the software. This means that you no longer have to depend on your laptop or computer to have access to the software service. 

Plus, business owners, managers or administrators can approve or look into PTO requests, or any other changes made in real time through the mobile app version of Paycor! 

And it doesn’t end here! You can even get done with important tasks like using the payroll feature to pay your employees, that too from a few taps on your mobile phone. Employees can also use their clock in and clock out features from their phones without having to open their laptops. 

The Bottom Line

If you have got employees to pay and are looking for an efficient way of getting done with their payroll, purchasing an HR software like Paycor can make work a lot easier for you. 

Paycor can help small businesses or startups facing HR issues grow with its invaluable features like employee recruiting and onboarding. Sending out automated offer letters and notifying potential candidates are only two of its 20+ benefits that it can offer to a growing business. 

Moreover, HR professionals from Paycor can get in touch with you if you are facing any issues that cannot be solved through the software. 

In case you want to keep your options open by looking into other software, Paychex might be an equally profitable option for your business. 

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