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November 1, 2023

ADP vs Gusto: An Overview

ADP and Gusto both are big names in the payroll software realm. ADP has been in the business since 1949 and it is serving some major corporations. ADP has been highly praised by their customers and even called “the smartest payroll software” in some instances. Compared to ADP, Gusto is relatively younger in this field. However, it has been improving really fast and being consistent with their remarkable services. It ultimately comes down to your preference – this article will help you decide between the two of them. 

Out of over 70 payroll software that I have tested, here are my observations about these two:


Features overview


Features overview

Payroll processing Yes Yes
Direct bank disbursement Yes Yes
Tax calculations and filing Yes Yes
Payroll compliance  Y/N Y/N
Mobile apps available Android, iOS, Windows Android, iOS, Windows
Employee self-service Yes Yes
Accounting integrations No No


ADP vs Gusto: Features

In terms of features, there are a lot of similar ones among the two. Regardless, there are some differences, which are pointed out below:

Direct deposit is a feature that everyone wants for convenience. You will be glad to know that ADP and Gusto both offer direct deposits. Moreover, new hire reporting is another exciting similar feature shared by both Gusto and ADP. A flexible payroll schedule is an additional feature provided by Gusto, which is great for unconventional pay schedules. 

An important point to be noted is that Gusto offers features, such as unlimited pay runs, multi-state payroll, Edit or cancel a pay run, new hire reporting, and year-end filings inclusive in their plan. However, for the same set of features in ADP, you will have to pay additional fees. 

Winner: Gusto

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ADP vs Gusto: Plans and Pricing

ADP and Gusto both offer a diverse set of plans and pricing. Let's get to know about them individually and draw a comparison. 

ADP has four different types of plans. These plans are designed to serve specific purposes. The plans are Essential, Enhanced, Complete, and HR Pro. The essential one should be the cheapest as it offers limited yet essential features. The price will bump for the advanced packages, which offer more features such as check signing, prepaid card, etc. However, there are no specific prices mentioned for the plans. 

For that, you will have to speak with them and they will provide a price quotation. You will have to pay extra for any additional services. As a rough estimation, ADP can cost between $15 to $18 for each employee. 

Unlike ADP, Gusto offers detailed prices for their plans. They also have four packages ranging from $19/month to $149/month. You can avail of the basic plan offering full-service payroll and more for $19/month with an additional $6 per employee charge. The core package includes additional features such as small business health insurance administration, workers compensation administration, employee self-service, and more for $39 monthly. There are two more plans which offer a more comprehensive set of features including HR functions and much more. 

Winner: Gusto

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ADP vs Gusto: Ease and Use of Setup

Ease and use of setup play a vital role as a selling point for payroll software. The main purpose of payroll software is to save as much time as possible and increase productivity. If the setup process is difficult and time-consuming, it won't save you any time and be counter-productive. 

The setup process of ADP is pretty much basic and straightforward. After you’ve logged in for the very first time, you will be redirected to a setup wizard page, which will walk you through the entire setup process. It will ask for the necessary info, such as business details, revenue, tax, etc. For the payroll, it will ask for the employee's personal details. 

After you are done providing all the necessary info, the setup process is pretty much sealed. Now you just need to press the ‘run payroll’ button from the dashboard every month to authorize and disperse the payroll among the employees. There are a lot more things that you can do using the dashboard. You can manually adjust it if you want to modify the payroll of a specific employee. 

The setup process of Gusto is pretty much the same. They also feature a setup feature where you will have to provide the necessary information to proceed. Once you are done, you will get an advanced dashboard where you will be able to control every detail for the payroll. For example, if you want to deduct the salary of an employee or give a bonus, you can simply make the necessary changes from the dashboard and adjust the payroll. 

You can authorize the monthly payroll or you can even enable the “Autopilot” option, which will disburse the payment automatically at a selected date. 

Winner: Draw


ADP vs Gusto: Security

Security is an essential aspect of payroll software because this app carries a lot of sensitive information, such as bank details and personal information as well. Both ADP and Gusto take security seriously and comply with the highest security standards. They also provide regular security updates on top. 

Winner: Draw


ADP vs Gusto: Customer Support 

ADP offers an amazing customer support experience. They have a support team working round the clock. The support line is toll-free and there is separate support available for employees and admins. 

In terms of support, Gusto also provides support through phone calls, email, and live chat. However, they provide support during regular business hours instead of 24/7. 

Winner: ADP

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The Bottom Line on ADP vs Gusto

If you analyze the results of the individual sections, Gusto is the clear winner. However, it does not mean that ADP is a bad payroll software. ADP and Gusto both provide a comprehensive set of features, which are great for big and small enterprises – they both get the job done.  

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