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ADP Payroll and HR Services Review: Is It The Best Payroll Service?

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We Really Liked:

  • The user-friendly features 
  • Easy to navigate display 
  • The detailed but easy data input system

Best For:

ADP is best for large businesses browsing for the ultimate payroll service. However, if you are a relatively smaller business with around 50 employees, we don't recommend using this service provider since it does have a hefty cost in the long run.

One Thing To Watch Out For:

  • You might have to pay for additional HR services

ADP Overview:

As a company that is a hallmark in cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, ADP considers its employees and its business community the topmost priority. What distinguishes it from other providers is its stellar customer service, which illustrates how highly ADP regards its client relations. Time and attendance tracking, talent management, employee benefits, and outsourcing are among the company's other services.

ADP is one of the best payroll services for a starting or a mildly experienced business because it is so easy to use. If that doesn't convince you, then ADP has a AAA credit rating along with more than sixty years of experience in the market. Thanks to so much experience and so many customers, ADP has built up a repertoire as one of the best payroll services you could get.

ADP Features:

While ADP may be considered a titan in its customer service department, there isn't much it shies away from in terms of what it offers to customers. ADP gives you the option to choose the features you want, so you can build a custom list according to the requirements of your business. 


Assists in tracking hours 

ADP makes the task of tracking hours very easy. The time tracking feature is seamless. The app has a very simple display that is easy to navigate and does not leave users scratching their heads in confusion. Users can enter their information for clocking in and out and check hours worked, hours remaining, and schedule time off. Overall, it assists in generating improved payroll accuracy. 

The most defining characteristic of this feature is how data is automatically sent between HR, payroll, and timekeeping systems.

Employees have to remember one username and password instead of going through the mental fatigue of memorizing several login credentials. The best part? The web or a mobile app can be used to access time, pay, benefits, and other information. 

So, ultimately, ADP provides optimized solutions for time tracking. If you spend a lot of time managing HR and payroll, ADP might be a good investment to increase efficiency and save time. You may also use its simplified procedures and industry expertise to provide the best possible service to your workers. 


Stellar HR services

It can seem quite daunting to merge or reorganize your business and even more difficult to find the company providing the best possible consultancy on recruiting employees, training them, and administering their employee benefits. However, you can bid farewell to your HR-related worries if you have a company like ADP by your side. 

ADP's HR services encompass long-term HR consulting engagements relating to mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations. 

For individuals who want to relieve themselves of HR obligations, the company also provides outsourcing and co-employment options. With the support of ADP consulting and professional services, you can confidently manage your next significant shift. 

Their specialists will examine your human capital management (HCM) procedures and then suggest best practices for your industry. It can help you become more efficient, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

Overall, ADP is perfect for startups and enterprises looking to grow rapidly. ADP leverages its 60 years of experience as compared to OnPay and other payroll service providers. 

Additionally, OnPay is limited to making business-to-business payments, while ADP encompasses a broader set of expertise, including payroll, human resources, and tax and benefits administration solutions. Many service providers are relatively less expensive as compared to ADP. 

Besides that, ADP supports the processes, workflows, reports, and needs that matter to your team. It also caters to businesses of different sizes and provides a range of subscription offers that are perfectly tailored for your respective business. ADP also offers automatic tax filings on a quarterly and annual basis and HR assistance provided at all costs. In contrast, other providers demand added costs for HR assistance in premium plans.


ADP Pricing:

Since ADP offers subscriptions for every user and business, it charges no set fee, unlike its competitors that charge a fee per month. Instead, ADP makes the pricing information available to users upon request. 

ADP offers a variety of packages to its customers. These include Essential, Enhanced, Complete, and HR pro payroll packages to select from as per the user's requirement. Compared to other providers, these subscription packages prove to be quite beneficial because they target each sector of the user base. 

It is a bit pricey since it charges additional fees for features such as sending and signing offer letters electronically or new hire reporting. 


ADP Free Plan:

ADP also provides an app store and a collection of business services and solutions. Quotes and demos are both free, allowing you to discover more about how its HR services may help your company without having to spend any money. 

All estimates are tailored to your company's location, the number of employees, and the frequency of payroll processing, among other factors. 

Customers that sign a year-long contract with ADP are usually given two free months and a discounted cost. 

Each arrangement is unique, but the majority of companies need a 12-month commitment and payment in advance. ADP is presently conducting a deal for new clients that includes six months of free service.


ADP Ease of Use:

It is clear that ADP leverages functionality because it is fairly simple to use and well-structured. ADP is incredibly intuitive for such a complex software, and the setup procedure comes with guided help. ADP wants to make sure you feel supported when entering personnel and setting up your payment plan. 

For signing up:

  • Visit the site
  • Sign up by providing your credentials 
  • You'll receive a confirmation email, after which you can get started on your ADP experience!

Our personal experience with ADP has been incredible for a wide variety of reasons. ADP is secure and ensures that users are protected from cybersecurity threats such as malware and fraud. ADP also integrates with other software such as Quickbooks, ClockShark, and ZipRecruiter. It has an integrated system that is compatible with software of various domains. You can also call customer support and inquire whether or not ADP integrates the software you are using. 

My experience with its overall customer support has been excellent because we could easily reach out for customer support through live chat, social media, Gmail, and a multitude of other platforms. Overall, with the company's intuitive and simple interface, payroll has become infinitely easier for us.

ADP On Mobile:

ADP's app has a display that is simple and user-friendly. Time, salary, benefits, and other information can be accessed via the web or mobile app of the company. It is available on Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and Linux. All you have to do is enter your login credentials, and you will be able to access the app with complete ease. 

ADP: Bottom Line

ADP Payroll is a software that provides payroll, human resources, and other services to businesses of all sizes. It works with companies in a variety of sectors to help them save time and run more smoothly. 

One of the main drawbacks users might identify is ADP's ambiguous pricing, but its unique and comprehensive subscription plans designed for its customers are worth every penny. The company also goes out of its way to assist its clients with its 24-hour customer support and ensures that all queries are answered at the earliest. 

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