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July 1, 2024

QuickBooks vs Gusto: An Overview

Among the online-based automated payroll software in the US, QuickBooks and Gusto are leading the market by a margin. If you are looking for an automated payroll service for your small business, you need to look at their comparisons closely. 

QuickBooks and Gusto both are automated payroll services that allow the user to calculate and handle payroll, maintain employee benefits, and pay payroll taxes online. While both of the companies are prepared to give you the best service available, they have a fair share of differences. After reviewing over 70 payroll services, I have discovered that QuickBooks Payroll is a less expensive alternative, but Gusto has more HR-specific capabilities. Let us dive into a more detailed comparison.  

Quickbooks Features Overview Gusto Features Overview
Payroll processing Yes Yes
Direct bank disbursement Yes Yes
Tax calculations and filing Yes Yes
Payroll compliance  Yes Yes
Mobile apps available Yes No 
Employee self-service Yes Yes
Accounting integrations Yes Yes


QuickBooks vs Gusto: Features:

QuickBooks and Gusto have the same basic features, which make their competition tight. They both provide services in all 50 states, have unlimited pay, reporting tools, automated taxes and forms, deduction and garnishments, and expert product support. 

QuickBooks Features: 

QuickBooks offers three subscription options, each with somewhat different features.  To begin, it’s crucial to note that QuickBooks offers payroll software in combination with the accounting program, QuickBooks Online. However, it isn’t strictly required to utilize QuickBooks Online.

Having said that, the basic QuickBooks Payroll plan, also known as Core, has the following features:

Payroll processing

Limitless payroll cycles in all fifty states, flexible scheduling, different pay rates, and employee-only direct deposit – The contractors need an additional fee.

Taxes Payroll

Automatic federal and state tax filing and payment – no local tax filings are available. Moreover, there are extra charges for multiple states if you do not have the Elite plan.

Mobile Application 

QuickBooks has a fully functioning mobile application that supports both Android and iOS operating systems. The application comes free in your subscription package.

Employee Plans

All plans offer health benefits, although some may need additional costs. Workers’ compensation payment service is also available for an additional price.


In QuickBooks, unless you have installed QuickBooks Online with your program, you are constrained to Intuit tools.

Gusto Features:

Gusto also offers three plans: Core, Complete, and Concierge. Gusto has also added a new feature for contractors-only businesses, which charge $6/employee cost instead of the standard pricing. Although Gusto’s Core subscription is the most basic, it includes all of the tools you will need for payroll benefits and tax administration. This program includes the following features:

Payroll Processing

Staff members are included, as are unlimited payroll cycles, in all fifty states, aside from configurable schedules, different pay rates.

Filing Taxes 

Automatic federal, state, and local tax filing and payments, including filings in several states.

Compliance in Payroll

Gusto payroll compliance with employee onboard forms, worker’s compensation insurance, workplace posters, labor law requirements, and health insurance.

Employee services

All plans include health benefits and workers’ compensation administration with no administrative expenses.


Gusto integrates with third-party software such as time-tracking applications, POS platforms, as well as accounting software.

Gusto gets extra credit for its features as you can file and handle federal, state, and local taxes using the software. Payroll tax payments and filings are available through QuickBooks Payroll, but only for state and federal taxes. Furthermore, Gusto’s payroll automation can process pay for salaried and hourly employees, but QuickBooks Payroll’s automation is limited to salaried staff.

Winner for Best Features: Gusto

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QuickBooks vs Gusto: Plans and Pricing: 

QuickBooks and Gusto both offer three different subscription plans, which means you have to pay a monthly base charge and a monthly per-person charge based on the number of employees in your system.

QuickBooks Pricing Plans

  • Core: $45 per month plus $4 per employee per month
  • Premium: $75 per month plus $8 per employee per month
  • Elite: $125 per month plus $10 per employee per month.

Gusto Pricing Plans

  • Core: $39 per month plus $6 per month per person
  • Complete: $39 per month plus $12 per month per person
  • Concierge: $149 per month plus $12 per month per person. 

For example, if you have 15 people in the system, you enroll every employee and choose the standard plan. QuickBooks Payroll Core would cost $93.75 per month, and Gusto Core would cost $119 per month. The cost is $173 per month for QuickBooks Payroll and Premium $209 per month for Gusto Complete if you choose one of the middle-tier options. If you pick the highest-tier plans, the cost is $344 per month for QuickBooks Payroll Elite and $292 per month for Gusto Concierge. Thus, the QuickBooks payroll is more affordable. 

Winner for Plans and Pricing: QuickBooks

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QuickBooks vs Gusto: Ease of Use and Setup: 

Both companies include a user-friendly and simple platform. QuickBooks Payroll focuses on integrating with Intuit products. Gusto integrates with accounting, point-of-sale, company operations, and time-tracking software. Gusto has a larger assortment of third-party software connectors.

Winner for Ease of use: Gusto

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QuickBooks vs Gusto: Customer Support: 

Both companies support unlimited phone, chat, and email options. However, QuickBooks is available 24/7 at the service. Moreover, both companies have premium support in the highest-tier plan. 

Winner for Customer support: Draw

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The Bottom Line on QuickBooks vs Gusto:

While making your decision, start by evaluating how many workers you have and your future target. Next, you need to consider the need for HR assistance and software integrations to help you pick the ideal payroll solution for your business. You should also decide whether or not you want any additional services, and if so, which ones are negotiable. Once you have a mind map, you can decide easily. 

If you’re looking for a wide array of features and have the budget for it, Quickbooks might be the one for you. Otherwise, Gusto offers more affordable plans along with an excellent setup for small and large businesses alike. So, it is also worth considering depending on your priorities. 

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