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Deluxe Payroll Services Review: Is This Payroll Service Worth It?

Delux payroll services

We Really Liked:

  • The telephone counseling for employees via employee assistance program
  • No need for manual entries
  • Helpful customer service


Best For:

For small businesses, helping startups evolve and achieve certain business goals is a challenging feat, but provides several options that can assist them in thriving. With promotional products, marketing, and payroll services, this company has a wide category of services that it facilitates to its customers. 


One Thing To Watch Out For:

  • A complex and tedious reporting system


Deluxe Overview:

Deluxe is amongst the best payroll companies in the market, catering to small businesses. In order to prevent security threats from new applicants, markets safety services to organizations. The banking dashboard is available from anywhere at any time and allows institutions to examine their latest financial positions. 

You can also provide access to up to three bank accounts while others will offer only one. However, one thing that employees of a business may not appreciate is the lack of recruitment services.

This payroll service is highly compatible though, meaning it can be used in conjunction with another similar payroll service. If you have any relevant data on your previous Payroll Service, then Deluxe will seamlessly provide access to it. 


Deluxe Features:

Payroll and HR

Deluxe provides excellent payroll and HR solutions that assist companies in managing profiles of employees, time and attendance, taxes, and the likes. The best part of Deluxe is that unlike similar service providers in the market, it caters to all types of business, irrespective of their size. It is particularly helpful in making small companies soar and reach their desired potential. The assisted payroll service option is great for users struggling to enter their information manually. 

Additionally, Deluxe's managers and payroll representatives are very keen on thoroughly guiding users about their payroll queries. In addition to the onboarding software, benefits deductions, and W-4 withholdings, Deluxe offers a simple way for you to set up automated payrolls. A direct deposit can also be made so that the paycheck is provided automatically. In addition to payroll processing, Deluxe provides reports that employees can use on the online platform. It is incredibly useful to track deductions, expenses, and filings. What's even more amazing are Deluxe's schedule and paycheck calculations, which incorporate paid time off and calculated regular salary.

Furthermore, the company's reporting tools are top-notch. The payroll services it offers make it easy to pay commission, tips, as well as taxes. The automatic tax filing feature is another great attribute that makes paying taxes very convenient. This company offers just about everything. Its easy text-to-apply application feature and onboarding services have acquired positive feedback from a wide range of customers. Deluxe has also made interviews and recruiting new workers straightforward. 

Deluxe Reviews Promoter Tool

Large and medium-sized companies have learned the worth of looking for good customer evaluations over the years and often have a group of employees focusing on this job. This is another function that is tough for small business owners to accomplish. This is why the Reviews Promoter tool provides an easy way for customers to rapidly evaluate their products and services, increase online reviews and improve online search features, making this tool incredibly effective. 

To contact customers, the promoter utilizes text messaging. The open rate for clients' emails remains around 20%, whereas the open rate for texts reaches about 98%. This is a much easier and more efficient approach to reach consumers in real-time and take advantage of their good business relationship. Deluxe's additional marketing services include website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and email marketing and have assisted in making small businesses prosper. 

Deluxe remains unrivaled in its field. The broad range of features it offers to its customers is very comprehensive. Additionally, the company’s software is user-friendly and simple, making this software all the easier to use for its customers. Unlike other payroll service providers on the market, such as ADP or OnPay, Deluxe not only caters to a certain size of business but provides its solutions to all sorts of businesses, irrespective of their size. While other similar service providers charge a pretty penny for their services, Deluxe offers a wide variety of features at an incredibly economical price. 


Deluxe Pricing

Deluxe has a lot of pricing options available for you, so you can choose the one that fits you the best. What you should be aware of is that some features might be limited to certain packages and prices. This includes HR management features – get access to some or all of the features depending on the package you bought.

Deluxe Payroll can support organizations with a workforce of up to 1000. Their system of pricing is based on each staff member. For 1–10 employees, you pay $3.73 per staff every pay period. In the case of 11 to 50 staff members, one may anticipate paying $1.97 for each staff pay period; in the case of 51 to 100 staff, $1.75 for each employee, and for 100 plus employees, the pay period decreases to $1.57 for each employee. Occasionally, Deluxe also has special deals. Unlimited support and exceptional customer service are guaranteed with each membership.


Deluxe Free Plan

Deluxe does not have a free plan, but it does have different types of subscriptions available catering to various kinds of businesses. 

The ‘Starter' subscription ($35.99/yr) is available to create your budget and manage bills, the ‘Deluxe' ($46.79/yr) subscription has everything included in the Starter package paired with bonus features such as creating saving goals and much more. 

The ‘Premier' ($70.19/yr) one allows you to simplify your taxes and assists in maximizing your investments, and, lastly, the ‘Home and Business' ($93.59/yr) plan enables you to manage all of your expenses in one place. 

Each and every type of subscription is remarkable in its own right. Apart from the intuitive software of this company and the amazing services it offers to its customers, what really makes Deluxe stand out is its affordability factor. Users can access all sorts of features that will assist them in their payroll and help their small businesses thrive from the ground up, all for the most affordable fees. 


Deluxe Ease Of Use

Using Deluxe is a no-brainer. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Sign up with your Gmail account.
  3. Select the subscription you want.
  4. Enter your credit card details.
  5. Voila! You now have access to this brilliant software.

Making my account on was very simple. The company's interface is very user-friendly and convenient, and completely hassle-free. After we followed the above-mentioned steps, we were successfully able to access all of Deluxe's stellar features.


Deluxe On Mobile

Instead of having one app, which covers all of Deluxe's comprehensive features, the company has launched different apps for different types of features. These apps include Deluxe Mobile and Deluxe Mobile Checkbook. Deluxe Mobile is a time-tracking and workforce planning application. Additionally, the Deluxe Mobile checkbook provides small company owners with a quick and easy means of writing, approving, signing, receiving, and depositing money via their mobile devices. 

MyPayCenter is the online payroll version that allows you to provide your payments with a customizable online payment option. With your consent, online reports can be viewed at all times by staff and management. These applications are available on Android and iOS and can easily be accessed from any compatible smartphone or tablet. 


Deluxe: Bottom line

Deluxe is one of the top-tier payroll, HR, and marketing service providers in its field. It provides users with a comprehensive set of features that can facilitate them in creating detailed payroll reports based on their particular requirements and assists them in hiring and recruiting employees. This company has garnered an abundance of five-star reviews due to its excellent services and friendly customer support. It is one of the best companies that can help you get started on your payroll, HR, and marketing journey.

John Smithson

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