Best payroll software for Small Businesses in Jacksonville

July 1, 2024

Best payroll software for small businesses in Jacksonville of 2022: An Overview

Jacksonville is Florida’s largest city, not just in terms of population but also startups and small businesses. In fact, recent analyses claim that it has even more potential than cities like Seattle and San Francisco, especially in the tech sector.

But even if your small business isn’t related to Tech, you can still take advantage of it by setting up a shop in Jacksonville. Whether you’re selling baked goods or home cooked food or providing services like marketing, cleaning, accounting, et cetera, you will need employees. And in order to be competitive, the employees should be well-motivated and encouraged to work.

The best way to do that is to manage HR and ensure that employees are paid well and on time. However, doing the books is often very time-consuming for a business owner. There’s a good chance of making an error or forgetting to file a tax document. That could lead to a lot of pain and stress when paying out.

That’s why payroll software is an excellent choice. They will simplify the process of calculating payrolls and making payments. They will also let you process other bonuses, insurances and deposits painlessly.

There are lots of payroll software to choose from in Jacksonville that support Florida’s tax rules. After reviewing over sixty software, here are my picks for the best payroll software for small businesses in Jacksonville of 2022.

Quick Picks


Best payroll software for small businesses in Jacksonville of 2022: In-Depth Review


Paychex: Best Combined HR and Payroll Software with Dedicated Support

If your goal is to grow your business without hiring HR and payroll professionals, then Paychex might be the ultimate digital tool you’re looking for. It integrates the features of HR software with the payroll suite to create a balanced work environment for you. 

Paychex is a cloud-based payroll software that offers payroll tax filing, new-hire status reporting, employee wellness programs, etc. You get superior control over your dashboard about how you want to customize it. 

One of the biggest benefits of Paychex is scalability. It operates on a cloud platform and the data is synced in real-time, you can include as many employee tab

Paychex’s support team has over 600 HR professionals at hand. and over 200 compliance experts from all regulatory levels! When it comes to explaining or informing you about things you might not have known, there’s no payroll provider out there more accurate and dedicated than Paychex.

Apart from the HR and payroll benefits, you also get Time Management, Attendance Management, Health and Benefits management, and 401(k) and Retirement plans for your employees! Employees can clock-on and clock-off through a variety of biometric or mobile options, making it convenient for them! Any stragglers in the office can be detected right away with geofencing features.

Read the full review to understand how you can use Paychex to grow your business beyond imagination! 

You’ll Really Like: 

  • Combines Payroll services with HR.
  • Cloud-based operation for maximum accuracy and real-time throughput 
  • Flexible plans for different business sizes

You Should Look Out for: 

  • Relatively high add-on fees 
  • Steeper learning curve 


Visit Paychex

Or read our complete review of Paychex


Gusto: The Top Payroll and HR Management Software

Gusto is considered by many to be the best overall payroll software currently available. It does not excel in one specific direction, but the overall combination of features and pricing that Gusto offers is quite unbeatable.

For starters, the user experience at Gusto is extremely important. The website is attractive and easy to navigate, so this begins before a user even signs up for Gusto. Gusto is fully cloud-based and does not require any downloads.

The ease of use is reflected in how cleanly designed the whole website and app is. Even though there are a lot of options available, the spacious design means you won’t get lost in a sea of menus. When first signing up at Gusto, an employer will be able to add all their employees to the gusto database.

For the initial 11-step setup, extensive guided tutorials are given throughout. They ensure that even someone who has never touched an HR or Payroll management software will be able to learn and use Gusto effectively.

Gusto does not just offer you payroll software. It has additional tools such as financial relief calculators, burn rate calculators, new hire checklists, etc. I won’t go deep into details here,  but needless to say, Gusto is very well rounded when it comes to offering payroll and HR services to small businesses.

The highest level of service, with the Concierge package, will have Gusto offering you dedicated HR resources and personnel at all times. It’s a great substitute for a whole HR department.

The pricing is also quite reasonable. The base price ranges from $39 for the Core package up to $149 for the full-fledged Concierge package. For each employee, Gusto users on the Core package will pay $6 and on higher packages, it is $12. All payments are monthly.

To learn more about Gusto, read our review of it! We cover it in a lot more detail there.

You will really like:

  • Cloud-based service is available at all times on any device
  • Concierge plan offers dedicated HR services
  • Easy-to-use interface and great design

You should look out for:

  • On the expensive side
  • Fewer HR management functions than others


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Or read our complete review of Gusto


ADP RUN: The most Comprehensive Payroll Software ever, now for Small Businesses

ADP is one of the biggest names in HR in the US. The ADP software package is extremely comprehensive, meant for companies with hundreds of employees. As a small business owner, you probably don’t really need that kind of scaling.

But if you still want the various functions and features they offer, then ADP RUN is the best option. RUN is a compact version of ADP’s full suite, targeted at small businesses. Almost all the functions are still there, but the program is simpler and easier to use.

RUN features a dashboard where you can carry out the majority of payroll tasks. You will be guided through each task. Clear step-by-step instructions and explanations are given, making the software extremely easy to use even for those with no clue about HR.

Any recurring tasks can be fully automated. They will be carried out automatically at the scheduled time.

RUN also handles all taxes and deductibles. It always uses the latest tax details from the Federal laws and Florida’s state laws. W-2s, 1099s, health insurance, benefits and everything else are automatically calculated and filed.

ADP has a marketplace filled with hundreds of add-ons and modules developed by third parties. These modules add extra features to RUN in order to streamline HR and Business Administration work. Browse through the modules to see if there are any that would be particularly useful!

The pricing is not given publicly. There are four packages – Essential, Enhanced, Complete and Pro. I recommend getting the Enhanced package at least since it opens up unemployment tax filing and background checks. Since you are getting all other tax filing tools, it is only sensible to complete unemployment tax alongside them.

We have a full, detailed review of ADP RUN. As it could end up costing you a lot, please check out the review before going ahead!

You’ll Really Like

  • Detailed, Step-By-Step Instructions for everything.
  • Automatic payroll tasks carried out at regular intervals
  • Automatic calculation and filing of W-2s, 1099, etc.
  • Additional features and functions available as add-ons on the market.

You Should Look Out For

  • Information and feature overload. Even if RUN is a simplified version of ADP, there are a lot of features.
  • Pricing is not given and must be quoted. The salesperson might be pushy and try to sell you the app.


Visit ADP

Or read our complete review of ADP


Ennis Pellum CPA: Get Hands-on help from certified CPA!

Ennis, Pellum and Associates are a group of CPAs offering payroll services out of Jacksonville. They are not typical payroll software like the rest, but they do offer some great payroll and HR processing services in a modern way.

One big advantage is that there’s a human hand on the payroll. Software can do the work properly, but there should always be some human supervision on the software, and that supervision has to be done by the business owner or a manager. Meanwhile, with a CPA, there shouldn’t be any problems like that. Ennis, Pellum or one of their associates can personally confirm that the payroll went well.

Their basic payroll services include tax filing, handling forms such as W-2, W-3, 1096 and 1099, etc. They also let you get an online payroll processing tool where you can print out paychecks and get detailed reports on monthly, quarterly or yearly reports. These reports will be aoo

There are also some other payroll features, like calculating worker’s comp, unemployment, child support and so on. Ennis Pellum offers all these and more to Jacksonville Small businesses.

You will really like:

  • Payroll is overseen by certified CPAs
  • Direct Deposits are free
  • Has an online component as well

You should look out for:

  • No software, need to hire CPA accountants directly
  • No formal pricing structure, and so need to get a quote first instead.

Get Ernis Pellum CPA Payroll now!


Greenshades Payroll: Go Green with Greenshades

Greenshades software is a company based out of Jacksonville specializing in different types of business and accounting software, including payroll!

Greenshades has an integrated payroll system with a detailed dashboard. Users can run their payroll with the help of a step-by-step wizard, which makes sure all the future predictions are correct.

The payroll software has the latest info about taxes and compliances that a company needs. It can carry out payrolls for all 50 states, using different calculating processes depending on the state laws. The payrolls and filing can also be scheduled to be done at the year’s end, when the pressure is the highest.

Once the payroll is complete, the money can be sent directly to the customers. There are also many benefits to be managed here, such as the benefits of time off or other benefits like health coverage, 401(k)s, etc. Employees can also check their status, leaves, bonus from their conditions, etc.

Overall, Greenshades payroll is quite intuitive and easy to learn, especially considering all the data that is available. Highly customized reports can be made here too.

You will really like:

  • Easy-to-use step by step wizard for adding or removing employees
  • Good user interface and design.
  • Award winning company, especially due to their HR and Partner.

You should look out for:

  • Not many outstanding features
  • Price is not given and requires a quote. They may try to ask you to get additional items when you go ask for a quote.

Get Greenshades CPA Payroll now!


Bottom Line: Best payroll software for small businesses in Jacksonville of 2022

Now that you know my choice for the best payroll software for small businesses in Jacksonville in 2022, you can decide what would be the best.

If your business is relatively small but has a lot of potential for growth, I recommend ADP Run. While the initial fixed price is a little high, the per-employee cost is lower and will be helpful when you hire more employees.

Another great option is Gusto. It has been critically acclaimed as an all-rounder when it comes to payroll. It is both affordable and suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Top 3 Payroll Services

Our Score
  • 1 month free trial
  • Trusted by over 200,000 businesses
  • All-in-one payroll and HR solution
  • Best for small businesses
  • “Autopilot” runs payroll itself
  • 6 months free with signup
  • Trusted by 850,000+ businesses
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Also offer HR and benefits management
  • 3 months FREE with signup
  • Trusted by 700,000 companies
  • Over 45 years of experience
  • All-in-one platform

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