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Select Home Warranty Review: Is it the Best Choice?

Select Home Warranty will assist you in resolving issues that have cropped up in your residence. It will give you access to a wide range of deals that are well within your budgetary constraints. New homeowners are good candidates for the Select Home Warranty plan because it covers the cost of repairing any system or appliance in the home at a reasonable cost. Select Home Warranty can fix everything that breaks in your home, as opposed to other companies that may charge you a lot of money for really trivial repairs.

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I liked:

  •   Available all across the United States
  •   An unlimited number of repairing cover
  •   Customers who choose to pay annually will have access to free roof leak coverages for the first two months
  •   90-day guarantee policy – You can claim a free rework if any of the repairs go wrong in the 90 days following any repair work

I didn't like:

  •   Only the top-tier plan includes the offers covering both systems and appliances
  •   There's a chance of getting multiple service costs during the technician's visit if there's a need for multiple repairs

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Select Home Warranty Plans and Pricing

If you choose Select Home Warranty, you won't have to stress how much money you're spending. They provide you with dependable assistance at reasonable prices. In most cases, the price, which includes monthly service costs, falls somewhere in the region of $41 to $100. Three different care plans are available with Select Home: bronze, gold, and platinum.

The bronze plan protects up to eight of your home appliances. Even though it only covers six home appliances, the gold plan covers the most significant and essential ones. All of the services included in the gold and bronze levels are also included in the platinum level, along with additional coverages for things like sewer drain clogs, garage door openers, and ceiling fans. If the owners are willing to make an annual payment for the first two months, they are eligible for free coverage for roof leaks.

  •   Gold care: $41
  •   Bronze care: $41
  •   Platinum care: $47
            Items        Bronze Care         Gold Care     Platinum Care
  Electrical System                                    
    Heating System                                          
  Plumbing System                                          
      Water Heater                                          
  Garbage disposal                                 
  Built-in Microwave                                
  Clothes Washer                                
Garage Door Opener                                  
Plumbing stoppage                  
    Ceiling Fan                  

Select Home Warranty Plans

Select home provides you with various services and advantages. The specifics of these services and their benefits will vary depending on which plan you select. Let's take a close look at the various packages and the plans.

  •   Bronze Care:

The Bronze care plan offered by Select Home Warranty protects the systems in your home, such as your laundry washers and dryers. A built-in microwave oven, garbage disposal, a refrigerator, and a few more systems are included. The services of a ceiling fan and plumbing shortages and air coolers, plumbing systems, and heating systems are not included in bronze care.

  •   Gold Care:

The Gold Care package is responsible for maintaining the water heaters, plumbing, ducting, electrical system, and heating systems in the home. However, they do not include products such as a refrigerator, stove, garage door opener, or even trash disposal in their offerings.

  •   Platinum Care:

Platinum care is the top-ranked care plan that includes all the bronze and gold care services. They have  services like ceiling fans, stove, garbage disposal, heating system, AC, ductwork, cooktop, refrigerator, etc.

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Select Home Warranty Add-Ons

Select Home Warranty also provides you with other services! They can repair additional appliances in your home, such as a second refrigerator, a freestanding freezer, or vacuum cleaners. Because these add-on services cover Select Warranty's coverage, you won't have to worry about your septic system or even the sprinkler system in your yard. In addition, plumbing and lighting fixtures and pool equipment, switches, and outlets will fall under the category of Select's add-ons. To access the add-ons service, you will be required to pay extra fees on top of those included in your plans.

Select Home Warranty Limitations

The Select Home Partner does not have any significant restrictions or limits. On the other hand, it would be prudent for you to steer clear of the situations that may cause Select Home Warranty to exclude the services that we went over in the previous section.

Select Home Warranty Coverage Exclusions

Customers of Select Home Warranty are expected to comply with restrictions to prevent any exclusions from the terms and conditions of the plan's offer. The tools kept in the homeowner's home have to be in good functioning order, and none of those appliances should have had problems. There are a variety of things that Select Home Warranty does not cover. Examples include solar or tankless water heaters, water softeners, solar heating systems, geothermal heat pumps, window air conditioners, humidifiers, improperly installed ductwork displays, doors, knobs or buttons, gaskets, and electrical failures, and leveling equipment. Other exclusions include leveling equipment.

It is not the responsibility of Select Home Warranty to fix anything that might break due to an act of nature or any other form of calamity. Additionally, Select Home does not repair things that are harmed as a result of the owner's negligence or failure to maintain the equipment in any way. In addition, the Select Home partner will not take responsibility for any problems that arise from a flaw in the product that has been there since the beginning. In addition to this, they place restrictions on particular repairs for various pieces of equipment. For instance, the insurance allows for the repair of any appliance or electrical system, provided that the cost of the service is acceptable and does not exceed $500.

Select Home Warranty: the Bottom Line

Just like a person needs a physician to care for any health problems, a home also  requires a maintenance service. Select Home Warranty will be there for you if you require assistance with any form of house repair.  The best part- it doesn’t break the bank! 


AHS is the most popular among home warranty companies by a significant margin; in fact, one out of every two customers who purchase home warranties has a contract with this company. This shows that AHS is the most popular home warranty company. AHS now has the Women's Choice award for the best home warranty, making them the current holder of this coveted distinction. It has an excellent three-star customer review rating on its BBB homepage, which is based on the opinions of more than 5,000 customers.

Not all home warranty organizations offer roof coverage; however, Select Home Warranty allows customers to purchase an add-on specifically for roofs. This protection extends to leaks in the roof that occur in any of the occupied parts of your house, including the living room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms. When you sign up for a new policy with Select Home Warranty, you will be eligible to receive this coverage at no extra cost.

There is no cap on the number of fixes that Select Home Warranty will pay for as long as the faulty systems or appliances include the coverage of the customer's plan. This is true for every three tiers of coverage that Select Home Warranty provides.

There is a 30-day waiting period included in all of Select Home Warranty's policies. This is the time period between when you buy the insurance and when the coverage kicks in. During this period, you can cancel your insurance or purchase additional coverage.

After thirty days commencing since the day you sign the contract, the warranty will begin protecting your house. After the first thirty days, you can file a claim for a covered item either online or over the phone with the customer service team.  Select will send an experienced technician to your home to address the concern  as soon as your claim is verified. After the expert has arrived at your location, you will be responsible for paying the service call cost regardless of the reason. Under specific conditions, the issue can be remedied at that exact moment and no later. However, if a replacement is necessary, the technician will schedule an appointment to return to the site to complete the repair.

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