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Zenefits Review: Is It User-Friendly?

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We Really Liked:

  • Zenefits has an all-inclusive app. This makes it very easy for users to be able to use all of the features on the software (and that too from one single screen, instead of having to shift to another). 
  • Navigating through the software is stress-free and smooth due to its great user interface and dashboard, unlike other software with multiple dis-orderly icons on the landing or home page. 
  • There is a dedicated section for insurance where users can find all the relevant information regarding it, under one single location.
  • Zenefits software provides very user-friendly templates and suggestions for texts. This is helpful for sending out offer letters and other features needed for hiring and recruitment.

Best For:

  • Very useful for businesses that lack complete HR staff because of its top-notch HR services in filing paperwork, benefits and compliance. 

One Thing to Watch Out For:

  • Even though Zenefits software has an in-detailed information section regarding insurance, one downside to it is that it doesn’t allow users to download their personal insurance cards directly from the website.


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Zenefits Overview

Businesses in need of a full set of HR staff can benefit greatly from an all-encompassing HR software like Zenefits that provide excellent HR services with transparent prices. 

If you are running a small business that is in need of an all-in-one HR support service, Zenefits service plans comprising of benefits programs, employee operations and time management support can be very useful for you. 

What sets apart an HR software like Zenefits from other software available in the market is its suitability for startups. Not to mention, the software is very easy to navigate because of its organized dashboard. Its unlimited pay runs, time tracking and scheduling which comes in all plans is what really makes the Zenefits software stand out from the crowd. 

Zenefits Features

There are a number of features that are available on the Zenefits software and you can make use of each and every one of them to deal with your HR issues at work. These features include the following:

Hiring and Onboarding

Zenefits features that are designed to deal with a company’s hiring and onboarding process can make your day to day business a lot easier. You can find ready-made templates and offer letters that you can edit. You can also create your own unique offer letters and upload them on the software.

Once you have formatted your offer letter, the software will notify potential candidates with one single click from your computer. Candidates with the best resumes and those who are apt for your business will be able to see the job specifications in that offer letter. 

What’s more, Zenefits software is partnered with Chekr, which provides thorough background checks for employees who are yet to join your company. 

The app version of Zenefits, on the other hand, is extremely well suited for employees onboarding themselves for payrolls and benefits, all from a single tap on the phone. 

Self-onboarding eliminates the hassle of using and preserving paper documents for important tasks like maintaining tax documents. From creating digital signatures to preparing tax documents, everything on the software can be done digitally, without the use of pen and paper. 

For additional information, check out out review of the Best HR software for Small Businesses

Employee Management

Robust org charts and employee directory supports smooth communication between employees. The software can also allow you to make use of automated workflows which can be useful for major actions like terminations, promotions and team or department transfers. 

In case an employee needs to make changes or update his/her information on the platform, they will have the full freedom to do so. The changes will be synced with the software’s system immediately. 

The same goes for data from benefits, payroll, HR, and scheduling, where an update is made visible automatically throughout the platform on every device, averting the need to manually input data repeatedly. 

The software is also flexible for freelancers, independent contractors and consultants alongside your full-time employees. 


With Zenefits HR software, employees no longer have to manually calculate or keep track of their paid time off during the year. The software by design keeps track of their leave days. 

Plus, you can create your own PTO policy through the software and make it available to your employees right away. Requests can also be made from your phone’s app and employers will have the authority to either grant or decline these requests from the app. 

You can even schedule a blackout date to guarantee smooth administration for the years to come. 

Additional Features – Reporting, Managing Documents

The Zenefits software can report you about the general management of your business, using tools like headcount activities, compensation summaries, turnover rates, equal opportunity stats, and stock options. 

One other great feature is that Zenefits lets you store documents of your workers which is protected by the added security in the software. Files containing offer letters, tax documents, confidentiality agreements, payroll documents etc. can be stored without having to deal with any papers. 

Apart from storing information about employees, the software also has a dedicated section for storing company documents including privacy policies, non-competes, company handbooks and other customized documents of the business. 

Comparing with Competitors

Having around 10,000 or more companies enrolled under their business, Zenefits software is highly competent and is totally worth the price tag it comes with. Its separate pricing packages are designed to cater to the needs of any small, medium or large company. 

When compared to other HR or payroll software out there, Zenefits stands out due to its efficiency in solving any HR issues your business might be facing. 

Not to mention, the features that the software offers are splendid enough for running an entire company smoothly!

Zenefits Pricing

Zenefits has a pricing plan set for companies based on the number of employees they have. This makes it perfect for companies to benefit from Zenefits HR services, especially small businesses or startups. Their fees generally start from $10-$27 per employee, depending on the plan you choose for your business. 

Essentially, there are three package plans that you can choose from which includes Essentials, Growth and Zen. All three options consist of basic HR support like onboarding, HR solutions and employee management. 

However, if your business is in need of payroll and HR advisory support, you will have to integrate these as paid add ons to the software. One downside, however, is that the business has to have a minimum of at least 5 employees to make proper use of the software. Nonetheless, if you have the funds, you can still buy these plans at your own cost, but for 5 employees. 

The Zen plan is the best one among the three, containing features like staff scheduling, time and PTO tracking, software integrations, new hire onboarding, performance management, collaboration hub, employee info management, compensation management, employee engagement surveys and well-being tools. 

If you have the funds, my top pick would be the Zen plan for your company in order to stay completely sorted with your HR problems. 

You will also be able to avail discounts once you have signed up for the yearly contract. The pricing of the three plans are as follows:

  • Essentials $10 per employee, $8 with annual contract
  • Growth$18 per employee, $14 with annual contract
  • Zen$27 per employee, $21 with annual contract

For more features like benefits, payroll and HR services, you will have to pay additional fees to integrate them with the software. 

Zenefits Free Plan

Zenefits does not offer any free plan for its users. If you are undecided about purchasing Zenefits services, you may take a trial run which is free of cost, available on their landing page. 

However, if you have 25 employees working for you, you can invest in an HR Tier package which will make you eligible for their free payroll as a first year service. Mind you, this is only for annual contracts and you will not be able to renew it! 

Even so, this offer is provided on a first come first serve basis, so you have to be quick! 


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Zenefits Ease of Use

It is fairly easy to navigate through the sign-up process from the Zenefits website. They have an added customer support chat on the right bottom corner of the page where you can ask questions regarding any issues that you may face while signing up. 

Once you click on ‘get started’ you will have to follow the next steps which include the following:

  • First of all, you have to choose from two implementation processes, the first being the guided implementation, which is suitable for 25+ employees and the second is Quick start implementation, which is for less than 25 employees.
  • Next up, you have to answer questions regarding the payroll information of your company. In case certain words or formats don’t add up, you can call their customer support who will be more than willing to sort it out for you. 
  • Once you have sorted out your payroll info, you will have to set up your company profile and directory data in the software. 
  • Worker information will have to be provided next to let the software keep track of your current workforce.
  • After all the info has been provided, you have to get used to the dashboard, which contains the features you want to use for your business. 
  • You will be able to set up a hiring process using the hiring app on the software, which will eliminate the tiresome task of manually creating documents for hire. 

Once you have completed all of these steps, if you face any issues with the implementation process, the customer care service will be there to help you sort out the rest. All the features of Zenefits software are extremely beneficial in easing the process of running a company. 

In addition, you can set up the software on your own with the help of the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ online support. You will also find a forum dedicated to Zenefits users, who will be able to interact with you at any point of time. 

There is even a tool called ‘Zen Assistant’ which contains how-to guides, as well as ‘Help articles,’ in case you want to set up the software yourself. 

Zenefits on Mobile

You can make use of the Zenefits app from your Apple or Android mobile phone, which allows its users to explore the app with a demo version. 

Starting from the most basic features on the software to the advanced level features like letting an employee complete his/her own performance review, all of it can be done with one tap on the mobile app. Employees can also have access to their personal information, flex accounts, benefits information, documents etc. from their phone app. 

Clock in and clock out options are available on the Zenefits mobile app, including the meal breaks. Administrators can approve time off using the app at their ease and also take care of paid time off for the workers. 

Moreover, you will find a ‘People’ section on the mobile app which allows employees to see the org chart along with the company’s directory. 

All in all, the mobile app is pretty efficient and handy. 

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Zenefits is undoubtedly one of the best HR software out there. Apart from being extremely user friendly and easy to navigate, there are numerous features on the app that will solve any HR issues instantly. 

According to users, Zenefits HR software is most efficient for payroll tasks and onboarding processes which are generally very time-consuming if conducted manually. Therefore, Zenefits is great if you are looking for an affordable HR software service for your company. 

Furthermore, if you have a company of at least 5 employees, you can easily choose a plan for yourself and get started with the software. 

However, for companies with less than 5 employees, one drawback would be to have to pay for 5, even if you have a smaller workforce. Either way, it’s a small price to pay as you will be fully covered for more, just in case your company does decide to increase its workforce.

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