Should I do payroll in-house or should I outsource payroll services?

Asked 3 months ago

I am setting up payroll for my small business, and I can’t do the payroll myself because I have other business responsibilities that need my attention the majority of the time. I am also on a tight budget since this is my first time administering payroll, so I’m unsure if I should do payroll myself or if outsourcing a payroll service would be a great idea. I heard payroll service providers tend to be quite expensive.

Aydin Stephenson

Friday, August 19, 2022

Doing payroll yourself with the help of payroll software will be the most cost-efficient option. Usually, packages start at around $15 per month, plus $4-$10 per employee or contractor. With full-service outsourced payroll, you will likely pay double the base price, plus additional fees per employee or contractor. If you have a few hours per month, I highly recommend self-service payroll.

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